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ABC's & Ice Pop Heists: Chapter 3

"...Too sweet she thought, and that made her suspicious."

“Did they have the scissors?” Mommy Boo asked. “They said no, but they seemed a little too innocent,” Mommy Black replied. Meanwhile, Mama Buttercup walked in with Ryder on her hip. He was much happier after some cuddles and the promise of an ice-y pop. He was still mad Evie hit him, but no way was he gonna tattle on his new friends. Mama Buttercup set him down on the floor while she grabbed his snack, but was surprised to see so many ice pops missing. “Hey where’d all the ice pops go!?” she asked. “The box was full this morning, but now it’s half empty.” Mommy Boo and Mommy Black looked at each other, and then back out the window just in time to see Tag peek out and duck back in the fort. “Oh dear” said Mommy Boo, “It looks like some littles might be getting corner time.”

Back inside the fort.....

“Is mommy back inside yet?” asked Katie. “I don hear nuffin. Iz check,” said Tag. He peeked outside the fort, and saw Mommy Boo and Mommy Black watching them through the window. “Uh oh,” he said with wide eyes. “What is it?” asked Evie. “Mommy Boo and Mommy Black was watchin us through the window. I fink dey knows,” he replied.

Just then, they heard the door open followed by footsteps on the porch. Once they heard the grass crunching, they knew a Mommy is headed their way. “We gots ta hide,” said Evie. The three little ones start running around their fort trying to find spots to hide. Thankfully, they built a bunch of good ones. They could hide under some blankies or even hide in the ball pit. It’s got lots of balls and even a window that you can see out of, but nobody can see in. And upstairs, there’s a pile of stuffies big enough to hide all three of the little friends, but it’s too dangerous to hide together.

“Evie, Tag, Katie, do you three know what happened to all the ice pops? Or why Ryder was so upset?” asked Mommy Black. “hehe the ice-y pops is in our tummies” Tag whispered to his friends, but it was too quiet for Mommy to hear outside. “No Mommy, we no no nuffin. Hims probly juss cranky” said Evie. She wasn’t about to rat herself out to Mommy Black even though Ryder started it. “Hims was lookin for yous after nap and not find you, but we don't has da ice-y pops,” said Katie. “Yeah right” Mommy Black thought. She couldn’t make out what they were whispering, but it made her very suspicious that her littles knew more than they were telling. “All of you come see Mommy please,” she said. “But Mommy we’s playin,” whined Tag. “We gossa defend our ship from da piwates. Dey tryin ta take our tweasure” said Evie. “Yeah Mommy we’s busy tectin our booty,” said Katie. The littles broke out in a fit of giggles and even Mommy Black tried not to laugh outside the fort. “Hehe you said booty,” said Tag.

When nobody came out, Mommy said to them a little more stern, “All three of you need to come here now. Your bottoms better be outside this fort before I get to three.” Mischief aside, they were having so much fun in the blankey fort, and none were ready to stop playing. “Oh shi-oot,” said Katie, “We really gotsa hide. She gettin mad.” “Don’t let Mommy hear you say dat word or yous gonna be in loads of twouble,” said Evie. “C’mon guys, quick!! Hide!!” yelled Tag.


“Uh oh. One,” said Evie. Tag jumped into the ball pit and kept an eye on the fort door through the secret window. Katie jumped into the pile of stuffies and quickly covered herself up.


“If I have to come in there, you will all have a sore bottom,” said Mommy Black. “We didn’t do nuffin wrong!” yelled Evie. “Yeah Mommy we’s is bein good and yous interrwuptin,” said Katie. “Yeah!” said Tag.

Mommy Black didn’t like all the sass she was getting from these littles and the longer they took, the more corner time they were gonna get. The last thing she wanted to do was climb around the blankey fort playing ‘Find the Littles’ in this heat.

“2 and a half,” Mommy called, hoping they’d come out.

“Two and free qwarters” Tag called from downstairs. “We not comin out,” Evie shouted as she quickly hid under a pile of blankies.


Mommy Black pushed the door blankets aside and entered their fort. She saw piles of ice pop wrappers and cut tops all over the floor. She was not happy that Evie, Katie, and Tag lied and obviously used scissors without permission. She didn't see the scissors, but how else did they get the tops off those ice pops?

The next task was to find those littles. Mommies usually have a 6th sense for finding littles, but Evie, Tag, and Katie had really good hiding spots. Mommy Black would never find them as long as they stayed quiet.

She started looking all around the nursery part of the fort. She looked under blankies, under the chair-case, up the twisty slide, and even in the ball pit. Tag held his breath and hoped the diapey gods would protect him and lead mommy away from his hiding spot. Thankfully, there were too many balls in the ball pit, so Mommy Black didn’t find him. She didn’t find any of them, so their bottoms were all safe. For now.

Mommy Black left the fort with the ice pop wrappers as evidence, thoroughly convinced they had the scissors too. When the coast was clear, Tag jumped out of the ball pit and hurried up the chair case to tell his friends what happened.

“Evie!! Katie!!” he called out. Evie peeked out from behind her blankie and Katie got out from under the stuffie pile to join him. “Mommy Black saw all da ice-y pop wrappers on the floor! She knows we ate dem!” said Tag. “Uh oh. What we gonna do?!” asked Evie, “We’s gonna get spanks.” “Aww I no want spanks. Mommy Black spanks hard” said Tag as he rubbed his bottom. “Maybe Mommy will just put us in the corner,” said Katie. “I no wike da corner,” said Evie. “Me either,” said Katie “but is better dan spankies.” “Yeah,” Tag agreed, “Maybes if we sneaks out da fort and back inside and act wike nuffin happened, we be otay?”

The little friends knew they had to go back in the house soon. Even after all those ice pops, they were still quite hungry and their tummies were rumbling. “What bou da scissors?” asked Evie, “The mommies is gonna know it was us. Doze ice-y pops is weally hard to open wifout dem.” “But dey don't has pwoof we taked dem,” said Tag. The littles thought for a moment. Tag was right, but if the mommies take down their fort, they’ll find the scissors. “Give dem to me,” said Katie, taking the scissors “an when we gets inside, iz hides dem somewhere, but yous gots ta distact mommy.” Tag and Evie nodded.

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