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📖 Day 6: Katie-Pie's Korner 🍡

What's up fishes?!?! CKatie-Pie here (or some of you may know me as Katie-Boon from the Science Boonies....still me)

We made it to day 6 of ABDL Summer Camp!!! For today's activity we have (part 1) of a super summer camp story written by yours truly and your task is to grab some crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint, whatever your little heart desires and draw your favorite part of the story. Or you can just do a drawing of your favorite summer camp activities. Do you like to run around the playground? Bounce on a trampoline? Or do you like to stay inside where it's cool inside a two-story blankey fort? We wanna know!!

When you're done, post it on the interwebs using #campboostory

Oh! And did I mention there's going to be a whole 'nother page just for stories and stuffs?!?

Prepare yourselves fellow littles - it's gonna be EPIC

Follow this handy dandy link to explore the magic that is.....Katie. Pie's Korner. *mic drop*

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