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Classifications of the ABDL Community

Therapeutic Age-Regression Age-Play, Kink & Kinesthetic-Based Clusters

We've had the good fortune to interact with all kinds of adult babies, littles and diaper-lovers over the years, through one-on-one sessions, our Littles' Play Parties, at ABDL meetups and conventions, or through our private relationships. We've noticed a lot of similarities as well as differences in our community and we think that folks might be interested in hearing about what we've learned.

People tend to lump all ABDL (Adult Babies & Diaper Lovers) into one group; however, there are varying relationship dynamics and many reasons for being in the community, wearing (also known as being "padded") and engaging in age-play. In this video, we discuss some of the motivations and characteristics of ABDL community members.

First and foremost, this is not a scientifically sound study nor are our findings meant to be the final word on classification of our community. It is merely meant to provide some insight and a peek into the types of folks with whom we interact. We’re hoping to start a dialogue with others in the ABDL community so that we can shed light on our growing family and disseminate some myths about who we are.

It is also important to note that this Venn diagram is an oversimplification of the complex world of adult babies, adult littles, and diaper lovers.

To all those who have found us, we want to make one thing especially clear... THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE AB or DL LIFESTYLE. Play is the most natural form of stress management there is. We were all little once and, in fact, ALL OF US, still have a little inside 'em (no matter how much they protest).

Have a great day and remember... you are worthy of love. You are loved.


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