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My Little Journal

The Key

This week's challenge is easy and fun! We want you to find and create your very own Little Journal.

Time and time again, it's been proven that journaling has so many mental health benefits, that it's simply silly not to have one. SILLY, I TELL YA! So, we're going to be starting Little Journals.

Little Journals are going to be fun, useful, eye-opening, and helpful ways for you to express different facets of yourself. We'll incorporate writing, drawing, and crafting into our journals - in ways you've probably never done before!

Sometimes it'll be free-flowing fun and other times it'll be cathartic and help in ways that you didn't think were possible. Please remember... there are NO WRONG WAYS to do your Little Journal!!

Discreet Journaling

That being said, you may be asking whether or not this is something that you can do online (like have a private blog). With the Littles' Challenge, the projects we're going to give you for your Little Journal are sometimes going to be a bit out-of-the-box. So, they're not going to be conducive to virtual journaling.

We also know that, a lot of times, you may not have privacy or feel like you can safely keep a Little Journal. We tooootally get that and we urge you to do whatever you can to be able to find that balance of self-care and self-preservation.

With that said, there is something to the physical act of writing that can be incredibly cathartic. So, if there's a way that you can write/draw your projects and then dispose of them, that might be useful too.

Types of Journals

There are so many types of journals from which you may choose!!! We suggest, though, that you get a journal that you feel okay writing and drawing in (lined, dotted, graphed, or plain). Mommy Boo and Mommy Black have gotten dotted journals, in addition to some fun, brightly-colored pens!

This week's challenge will be to purchase your Little Journal and decorate the outside. On the first page, we'd like you to write a few lines about what goals you want for your new journal. For instance, do you want it to help you get to know your little? Do you want for it to help you incorporate your little into your everyday life? Do you want your journal to help you find acceptance? Or are you just taking the ride and have no expectations at all?

Show us your journal on our "Wellness" Challenge thread on Discord.

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