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Nursery Update: Hitting the Pause Button.

State of the Nursery Address by Ms Mommy Black

Since March, Little Baby Boo Nursery and The Littles' Store have been going through enormous changes. We've had to adapt to the pandemic which has meant completely restructuring how we operate (in every way).

Before Covid, the majority of our services revolved around in-person sessions. Each session would be filled with hugs, snuggles, and sweet kissies. Of course, due to the quarantine, we haven't been able to do sessions, host littles' play parties OR open our wee Nursery store to the public. And that really sucks.

We've tried to do the best we could by transitioning to the virtual world: virtual sessions, an online store, program activities and entertainment for littles, and content for the ABDL community. While we looooved doing ABDL Summer Camp, Summer Love'n, The Littles' Schoolhouse, and HaBOOween, the non-stop content building has taken its toll.

"Please place the mask over your own mouth and nose before assisting others."

We've been experimenting to try to find a good way to be able to connect with littles, while trying to earn a living, but also keeping in mind that some folks are out of work. It's been difficult, to say the least. We've struggled A LOT with technology, training, and personal limitations. But we've also learned a lot about our priorities and goals along the way.

Is Little Baby Boo Nursery closing?

Oh sweet baby Starfish, no! NEVAAAAH!!! We're just taking the next couple of months down a notch so that we can catch our breaths. We absolutely LOVE what we do. Like, seriously. It is so incredibly rewarding, I don't see any of us quitting anytime soon. It's just been a matter of adapting to our new world and figuring out our place in it.

We've hit a couple of obstacles over the last few months because we've been doing so much. We still have some late prizes (soooo sorry, little ones, they're coming though, I SWEAR), late photos (European behbehs, you're always on my mind), and while we thought we were catching up, we actually ended up making more work for ourselves (see the Technology is Hard blog post).

So, we need to take a quick little pausie pause to catch up on a bunch of work that's been backing up. We're going to focus on:

  • Our backlog of emails

  • Editing a ton of videos that we've already filmed

  • Editing photos that we've taken

  • Updating our LBBN website (which will include more resources)

  • Updating The Littles' Store website (we still have a ton of products in the brick-and-mortar store that haven't been entered online)

  • Figure out programming for the next year

I miss the Mommies! Where are they?

Mommy Black

I'm in Germany for the month of November and I'm taking this opportunity to reflect and focus on our programming, business structure, and staff requirements to determine how we can improve. I'm doing what I can, while also trying to take a much-needed break. I've been placating my ABDL behbeh itch by checking in and chatting with our LBBN Virtual Playroom Telegram group (which I love so much). And I'm finally going through my email (that I haven't responded to in months).

Mommy Boo

Technology is not Mommy Boo's strong suit. About a month (maybe two?) ago, Boo got a new phone. Although she's tried to update it so that she can have all of the applications she needs, including linking to her Boo accounts, she hasn't been able to. While I'm typically there to help her, I've been out-of-town, so Boo is stuck in limbo until I return. :(

Mama Buttercup

Mama Buttercup's regular job has kept her too busy to be able to participate in virtual sessions. She also prefers that we do video content as a group, so a lot of her interaction is via our Twitter account and our monthly Littles' Meetups (a Patreon exclusive).

When will I be able to book a session?

Behbehs, I'm sorry to say that in-person sessions won't be back on the table until a vaccine has been released. Covid is way too scary to take any chances.

We'll hopefully start doing virtual sessions in January, though! We'll work out a lot of this when I return home in December.

How can I help?

You can help by subscribing to our social media accounts, telling others about us, and supporting our Patreon page. It's only $5 a month and it gives you access to our Telegram group (which is where I go for virtual behbeh snuggles).

We're in this for the long haul, little ones, but we need your help. Please continue to have patience and remember to LOVE YOURSELVES. You are beautiful and deserve happiness.


With lots of love, cuddles (& maybe a couple of light spanks),

Mommy Black

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