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Summer Camp Registration

We're trying something a little different this year!

To foster a bit of friendly competition (and some accountability), we're starting a Summer Camp leaderboard! It's a way for everyone to keep track of who has completed which activities.

All you have to do is include your leaderboard name and your Instagram handle. We'll have a public database, so that you can follow and interact with other littles who are playing too!

You don't have to register to play! Summer Camp is FREE and virtual. We'll post daily activities, starting July 15th and the closing ceremony will be on August 14th.


The Mommies

P.S. If you get harassed by any soliciting "Caregivers," take a screenshot of your interaction, block the crap out of them, and let us know. We'll post an announcement about them on our social media and add them to our "Naughty List."

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