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SCAM ALERT: "ABDL Community" Pt. 2

So, we've gathered the info and now it's time to pass it on to ya'll.

  • Please see Part 1 for more information on how this fell in our laps.

  • If you're looking for the meat of who these folks are (phone numbers/contact info), see this section.

  • If you want to know why they'll be caught, see this section.

"ABDL Community for All" Scammers
"ABDL Community for All" Scammers

We were approached last week by a person who had been swindled out of thousands of dollars by the group "ABDL Community for All." You might recognize their logo because they've been collecting followers on Instagram like gangbusters. Because he had seen images of our Bitmoji on the "ABDL Community" social media, he had thought that they were affiliated with us or that we supported them in some way.

We are NOT affiliated with "ABDL Community for All!"

We are bringing you this story because we've heard things like this happening before and we want to do our best to get this information out to the public so that 1) this doesn't happen to other people and 2) we can get these swindlers put behind bars!!! We are going to the FBI Cyber Crimes division to report it and we're looking for other victims of this group who want to volunteer other information.

If you'd like to report a crime similar to this one, please visit the FBI Cyber Crimes website:

The Story of Fred

We go through the story of Fred in the above video, but here is a synopsis of what happened to him.

"ABDL Community" Social Media

So, Fred saw on their social media all kinds of wonderful images and stories attributed to what looked to be an ABDL community. They talked about their mission and advertised their website and mobile app. For all intents and purposes, they seemed legit.

Their Mommies

They had images of Mommies and provided screenshots of interactions with the Caregivers. Those of you who have been in the community for some time will no doubt recognize folks in this gallery.

Their Nurseries

There were lots of photos of "their nurseries." I didn't realize that CAPCon was a nursery, but...


They even went so far as to warn people about scammers:

The Website

So Fred went to the website that they were advertising ( and decided to join their organization.

After joining, he paid several fees to be able to match with a Caregiver and become a member of their various groups.

Mommy Khima

He was introduced to Mommy Khima and paid extra for a "Relationship Certification." Below is Khima's profile, the Certification, and some of their communication (the images of which are put into this gallery backwards, so scroll to the end if you want to look at them in order).

A few red flags are highlighted; however, one of the overall issues is that they're not really engaging in deep conversation. "Khima" typically only has one or two lines of communication - most of which are "ok baby."

Please note that Fred's first language isn't English.

You may notice that there are a lot of references to money in their conversations. And towards the end, she brought up something about a hospital. She started to bait Fred into feeling sorry for her and triggered an interest in helping her.

At this point, Fred was wary; however, he still saw signs that this organization was legitimate. Many of the "Mommies" have social media profiles and they were actively engaging on the website. They also freely give their phone number publicly so it makes it seem like they have nothing to hide.

(707) 412-0217

Here's the thing... if you look up the number, it leads down the rabbit hole. Initially, you might notice that it's the thread between several Caregiver ads - which makes sense. But, you'll also see a trend in snapchat handles, emails, and similar names if you investigate further.

Take a look at the following gallery. You'll see many of the same names used, with different profile photos using stolen images (or Bitmojis, in the case of the one stolen from Mommy Black).

Common Threads

When we were collecting information, we found that certain names kept popping up and many sites and profiles seem to be related. By the time this information is out in the world, hopefully many of these will have been closed. But this is what we found doing a cursory search.





Tinawells223856 - Mommy Tina


Related profiles:

The Kidnapping

By this time, Fred was invested in his "relationship" with Khima, he felt a bond with her (which can be quick and strong in the Cg/l dynamic). So when she told him that she wanted to get out of her contract with the ABDL Community group, he was supportive of her. Unfortunately, it was only after she'd done so that she suddenly realized that in her contract there was an early termination fee.

She, of course, didn't have the money, but if he could give her a small loan, she'd gladly sign an affidavit to repay him. He also received a lovely letter from an attorney, laying out the case for him. Oh and also, they were keeping her against her will...

The Shake-Down

Inevitably, the "ABDL Community" folks started threatening to out Fred when he stopped sending money and when he actually asked for his money back. They sent him a "check" which, of course bounced. Unfortunately, it ended up causing issues with his account because of the fraudulent check. They also gained access to his bank account and withdrew money without his permission.

Then they started harassing him and threatening that he'd be arrested, his life would be ruined, etc.

All the way to the F.B.I.

Now, here's the thing. Vultures like these folks get away with crap like this because people are too afraid to report it. Luckily, because Fred contacted us, he's got some pretty ballsy people on his side.

He did nothing wrong and he was taken advantage of.

Because there are so many fallacies about the ABDL community (even coming from within it), people are afraid to contact law enforcement. Which is terrible because most law enforcement really do want to help people.

Thankfully, Fred has the strength to fight and he's given us permission to share his story and to contact the FBI with his information. Which we absolutely are. In the meantime, we wanted to reach out to the community to see if there are other stories involving "ABDL Community for All" so that we can include that information in our submission.

We don't need any of your information except a name and number/email where an agent can reach you. Remember, you are not the one at fault here! The folks behind this scam are the bad guys!!! Do not feel ashamed because you wanted to feel loved!!

They will be found

It should be worth mentioning that these folks definitely will be found. Why? For a couple of reasons:

1) In order to accept payments via Wix, you have to include your real information. That's easily accessible by law enforcement.

2) We have their PayPal accounts. And, as you may know, PayPal gets all up in your beeswax when you open an account with them.

We may or may not have conducted a tiny sting operation to get this information. Heh heh heh. I told Fred to tell "Khima" that his "cousin" was willing to lend him the shakedown money. Khima gave Fred the PayPal email

Fred then told her that his cousin found that email to be fishy, so they ended up giving us another one: Tee hee hee.

We're including all of the information we've gleaned here so that we can take a peek behind the curtain and get these jerks sent to jail. I'll be sending a link to this article to law enforcement.

Why do we fall for scams?

Hindsight, of course, is 20/20 and a lot of people might look at this scam and think how in the hell could he fall for something like that? It happens more often than you think. There are over 7000 people following ABDL Community for All on their Instagram and 580 profiles on their website.

Sunk Cost Fallacy is the psychological term for when we follow through on something because we've already invested time, effort, or money into it. We'll do so even if the continuing costs outweigh the benefits! (see The Decision Lab article)

The important thing is that we learn from our mistakes.

Due Diligence

Due diligence basically means DO YOUR HOMEWORK. The point in saying this isn't to cast blame on the victim - because each and every one of us has been the victim of fraud. We've all been there.

However, it's especially important in our community to do your due diligence. When littles are looking for Bigs, sometimes they don't do so in Bigspace and that needs to happen!!! We sometimes get so excited about the possibility of finding someone to love, that we throw caution to the wind. This is not the time to leave your Big side out of the picture.

Investigate! When you're looking to engage with professional Mommies, do they seem too good to be true? If you do internet searches for their information, does it lead to nefarious places? Look for and pay attention to red flags!!

Where do we go from here?

We have to find the strength to be like Fred and talk about crimes like this that happen in our community. No one deserves this kind of victimization.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, call 988.

In our next video, we'll be talking about recognizing the signs of a scammer. And soon, we'll be launching our Caregiver Directory, which is sort of like a Yelp for Caregivers (yay!). Folks will be able to leave reviews and feedback. Access to the directory will be FREE.

In the meantime, stay safe, little ones!!


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