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SCAM ALERT: "ABDL Community"

Have you seen this logo?

"ABDL Community for All" are scammers

This is a new and insidious group of predators that are plaguing our community. THEY ARE SCAMMERS OF THE WORST KIND. They've created a website at where they are collecting information under the guise of being an ABDL community organization.

They are smart in that they use targeted marketing that is similar to the marketing that reputable websites use. For instance - references to pride, looking out for scammers, etc. This is the front page of their website ->

They are so sophisticated as scammers that they also have an app through Wix:

They have over 7,000 followers on Instagram!! And have photos from sources that are not their own - including images of us. They even have posts about watching out for scammers!!

This post is diabolical (this is taken directly from their post - notice the misspellings and terrible grammar):

"Greetings to you all out there, We the "Community Board" has been queried about Caregivers / Mommy on here and on the internet, thats been using our Website to extort money from people for our payments services... While they're not members/ Caregiver/ Mommy's of our Organization.
So please whenever you come across these nuisances that keep committing to cause this blunder please try to report them Immediately or block them... Try to Get Informations from right sources meanwhile still make your background check so we'll handle this Miscreant's trying to take away the Joy of our Adult little ones and deceiving them or Take away the happiness of being in this lifestyle... in other words DO NOT PAY ANY MOMMY'S OR CAREGIVERS at least without showing you a community BADGE."

Pardon my language, but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? They lure you into a false sense of security, collect your information, warn you about "miscreants," only to end up being the actual scammers. There's a special place in hell reserved for these people. Seriously.

The reason that we KNOW that "ABDL Community for All" are scammers is because we were approached by someone who was scammed by them. This person thought that a Mommy by the name of Jade Houston was affiliated with us (she's using my [Mommy Black] Bitmoji as her profile photo on Twitter).

This person had given money to join the community and then they were conned into giving more money to go towards a legal defense, etc. I'm collecting more information from them so that I can disperse it to ya'll, but I wanted to get this info out ASAP. I'm also going to do a video about this "organization" as well.

Stay away from @mommy_jade7, @mommy_ginaann, @abdl_community_for_all (it looks like they're original @abdl_community was taken down).

More information coming...


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