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We've got another scammer to report! Our beloved ๐Ÿ’– Briana ๐ŸŽ€ let us know about "" - a site that blatantly ripped off our content, as well as other well-known professional Caregivers' websites.

Well, at least they changed the name here.

That's so funny, cause I remember writing this a few years ago! And they're located in LA county? We're neighbors!


There are so many hilarious ways that they cut and paste our content, but these are a few that we thought were kinda funny. Like, advertising play parties (yah right), not even changing the name "Little Baby Boo Nursery," and using our location. I mean, come on, people...

Littles' Play Parties too? We're so alike!

Holy crap! They actually left "Little Baby Boo Nursery" in the copy! Ha ha ha!

Oooo, they have a WhatsAp link!!! Maybe we should contact them... mwa ha ha ha!!

So, needless to say, DO NOT USE "DIAPER ME MOMMY" SERVICES. THEY ARE GRIFTERS! Unfortunately, there are a lot of con artists trying to take advantage of the ABDL community. Please take a look at our blog entry "Charlatans in the Midst" for some pointers on navigating professional Caregiver waters.

We'll continually update our Naughty List page with scammers who are reported to us. So, please, little ones, please let us know if you run into one of them.

We do have plans to put up an "Recommended" page - where folks can leave their feedback about their experiences. One day... one day... :D In the meantime, stay safe, little ones!!


Mommy Black

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